Santos Maquinaria Eléctrica S.L.

Insulation Materials

We provide high quality Insulation materials for manufacturing and repairing electrical motors, generators and transformers of low, medium and high voltage thermal class F, H and C which comply with international standards.

  • Round and flat magnet wire : Film insulated, glass insulated, paper insulated, polymer insulated, pulse shield. Thermal class 155 ºC to 220 ºC
  • Round and flat wire special designed to withstand inverter pulses
  • Slot and phase insulation papers DMD,NMN,NKN
  • Polyester, fiberglass and mica tapes
  • Slot wedges and lacing cord
  • Varnishes and resins
  • Banding tape and lead wires
  • Rigid lamination
  • Sleeving and tubing
  • Special materials for formed coil manufacturing
  • Mylar, Kapton, Nomex, Tedlar products registered by DuPont

We have wide variety and permanent stock for immediate delivery.

Our technical team is available to help you to choose appropriate materials according to your specific needs.

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Material electro-aislante

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