Santos Maquinaria Eléctrica S.L.


Our workshop has been sized with functional feasibility for maximum enhancement of equipment. Incorporating to this factor our skilled workman ship and the specific expertise of our qualified staff, we are able to deal best with the maximum guarantee repair of electrical rotating machinery, from simple to complex motors and generators, high and low voltage AC/DC electric motors, wind turbine gearboxes, geared motors or gearboxes.

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Workshop services

  • Repair, Maintenance and rewinding of AC/DC low and high voltage electric motors up to 15 KV including Explosion proof motors
  • Repair, Maintenance, and rewinding of AC/DC and wind generators
  • Repair and maintenance of wind turbine gearboxes, geared-motors and gearboxes.
  • Machining and rebuilding of mechanical parts and sleeve bearings.
  • Core and squirrel cage repair and restack.
  • Manufacture of formed coils and Roebel bars up to 15 kV
  • Repair and maintenance of geared motors.
  • Repair and maintenance of electric, hydraulic and vacuum pumps.
  • Repair of transformers.
  • Dynamic Balancing.
  • Insulation resistance test ,EDA III test, Tan delta and partial discharges test , vibration analysis, videoscopic inspection, laser alignment, surge and hipot test, thermo graphic inspection, among others
  • Load tests of motors and generators up to 1.200 K.W.

Our extensive experience as an official service for some of the leading manufacturers allows us to make modifications and adaptations of IEC or NEMA motors of any type and brand:

  • Frequency and voltage change
  • Reinforced bearing installation
  • Constructive form modification
  • Thermal sensors wiring
  • Space heater installation
  • Encoders and pulse generators installation
  • Forced Ventilation installation
  • Electric brake installation
  • Power increase

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SANTOS MAQUINARIA ELECTRICA, S.L., with a constructed surface of 2,800 square meters has the most modern facilities, instruments and specialized machinery for a complete and effective winding electro-mechanical maintenance and repair of all types of electrical rotating machines,transformers, wind turbine gearboxes, geared motors and gearboxes.

  • Lifting cranes of 20 ton & 5 ton and Hoist.
  • Automatic Winders.
  • Bake ovens.
  • Balancing machines with cardan drive system up to 5 000 kg and with belt drive up to 500 Kg.
  • Coil forming machine.
  • Hot presses for manufacture of high voltage coils and bars.
  • Electric motor test bench up to 1200 kW.
  • Lathe, milling center, hydraulic press, etc.

VPI tanks:

  • Vacuum pressure impregnating system. VPI 3 m high and 2 m in diameter and 1.1 m high and 0.8 m in diameter.
  • Several immersion reservoirs of different sizes and shapes.

Burn off ovens:

We have a Burn off ovens to remove the failed winding without use of direct flames and high temperatures. This practice ensures the preservation of efficiency of repaired machines assuring the continuation of the electrical characteristics of magnetic stator´s core.

Test benches:

We have a test benches for load test of electric motors and generators up to 1.2 MW. The benches are equipped with dynamometers of 1200 and 580 kW each. Following tests can be performed:

  • DC motors.
  • AC high and low voltage electric motors.
  • AC Generators.

We can carry out routine test and tests in accordance with the UNE, IEC and IEEE standards, as well as vibration analysis. We can provide reports and other test protocols under request.

Additional equipment:

  • Laser alignment tool
  • Surge and high voltage tester
  • Micro Ohmeter for measuring very low resistances.
  • AVO Megger, insulation measurement up to 5 KV
  • EDA III insulation analyser
  • Dielectric strength testers.
  • Oscilloscope.
  • Surge and HIPOT tester output voltage 24 kV.
  • TAN DELTA TEST SET insulation measurement up to 12 kV, adjustable from 250 V to 12 kV for tan delta testing.

We also have a variety of Meggers, multimeters, clamps, tachometers, micrometers, calipers, torque wrenches, tooling, hand tools, so on.

24 Hour Service

Recognizing the importance of offering each day a better service, SANTOS MAQUINARIA ELECTRICA, S.L. has its own transport to pick and send the machines on time.

We are available to provide 24 hours services, seven days a week.

In order to solve your emergency and urgent problems contact us at the following numbers:
+34 609 63 82 11 | +34 669 46 32 20 | +34 669 46 32 22 | +34 620 82  90 88

  • Our aim is to offer every day a better service to our customers.
  • We offer 24 hour service 365 days, since we know the disruption and loss that causes a stop.
  • We take care of your tranquility.
  • You do not have to worry about anything.
  • To Santos SANTOS MAQUINARIA ELECTRICA, S.L. there are not time or frontiers.

We are at your disposal in order to solve your problems immediately as they arise and where they occurl.